How to use a Stellar Lumens Mobile Based Wallet

Set up the Stellar Wallet for Android to save XLM within a safe and simple Crypto wallet. Send, receive and save Lumens by means of no cost Cryptocurrency wallet.

Access your money out of almost any mobile phone with Access to internet. Buy Stellar using your credit or debit card from your Google perform program.

Stellar Community Could Be your first fully Automated android wallet. Even the stellar account viewer transaction failed utilizes the Shapecash technology to assist you spend your Stellar as you would spend on any different currency.

Proceed for an On-line wallet That Operates together with Big merchants. It permits you to may spend your hard earned money precisely the very same way that you would spend it with the ones merchants, by accessing your balance by way of your mobile phone.

Paying your cash the protected manner ensures That you are coping with trusted companies and avoiding possible fraud.

The Stellar Workstation, also Known as the Stellar Wallet, can be a fully featured android wallet which gives you all the advantages of the traditional offline money wallet together with security and solitude of a modern internet predicated you.

It Was Made to utilize almost any Internet-connected smart-phone. This means that you can use your Lumen wallet anything that supports internet browsing, even if it’s the case that you never own an online relationship.

You May move your Lumens involving your Accounts, buy stuff, pay bills and make deposits with ease. All trades are totally transparent and secure. Transactions are managed automatically by the Shapecash system which means you won’t ever be stuck in the middle of an transport and reduce your Lumens.