Ranking in the results of mobile app searches

There are things that you will only get to know through mobile apps company knowledgeable expertise. When it comes to search results for mobile app, it is normally a combination of traditional SEO and App Store Optimization (the ASO).
The factors on the on-page depend on the listing of your app. It means that optimization begins with having a solid ASO. If you happen not to know about ASO, you need to know that it refers to a process of app listing optimization for the search of the internal app store.

The basic ASO
Ranking in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store is usually driven by two main factors: app performance and keyword alignment. The app store listing text fields like description, title and keyword list ensure that the app aligns with specific keywords set.
The metrics for performance, including app ratings, download velocity, and reviews are what determine if an app will rank well for each of the keywords. Also, the Google Play algorithm might include performance that is web based, external metrics such as links and citations as part of the ranking factors.
Mobile app listing optimization
The optimization listing is the work of keyword targeting. Some tools can be used to assist with the research of mobile app keywords. But you have to remember that the search listing for the mobile app shows the universal search, and thus, it is essential that you leverage the traditional keywords tools also.
While there is a similarity when it comes to ASO, being able to optimize search listings for mobile apps on the web tends to be slightly different. While in the App Store, long titles are relatively allowed, most of the time they are limited to preview length when it comes to organic search. When optimizing titles, you need to have google search in mind.