The best time to move to Canada

Canada is fondly referred to as the Great White North. With the
PR canada, it is possible to move to the Great White North. It might be quite challenging if you decide that the best time to move to Canada is during the winter.
Canada is known to have a spell of very harsh weather, and especially in winter, it tends to snow for several months with the temperatures going down and remain below zero for quite a while. If you arrive at such a time of the year, it will be stressful for you, especially if you are coming from the tropical climate.

Deciding where you are going to live in Canada
When you research your possible destinations before applying for Canada, PRmight help in successfully settling in Canada. It will ensure that you enjoy the quality of life that you are seeking. If you are a professional expatriate, then you might be drawn to cities that have employment opportunities like Toronto and Ottawa.
There are others who get attracted to the western provinces of British Columbia and settle in Vancouver city, which attracts several expatriates who are seeking a new life. You have to list down what you think is important to you before thinking of relocating.
Cost of living, infrastructure, amenities, employment opportunities, healthcare, schools, connection to nature, accessibility, proximity to bigger cities, community – pick them as per your priorities, and decided where you are going to settle.
Check out on forums with other people seeking to get permanent residency in Canada and get all the information you require to make a decision. With that, you will then get to know which part of Canada will be most suitable for you. Go through guides on the best places to live in Canada to help you accordingly.