What Are the Duties of a Security Guard?

Fire Watch is a service provided by Security Guards for a number of reasons. First of all, it gives their employers peace of mind knowing that their employees are in good hands. It also protects the security of their company and business property. Companies, establishments and even private homes are always hiring security guards to serve as their security personnel for the day before, during and after the Fourth of July weekend.

The services of a security guard can be quite taxing, especially when there are fires in progress or when people are running around trying to find help. A guard’s day might begin with an early morning shift and end with a late night one. There is no set hour when a guard should start working. In addition, since there are always emergencies like fire and smoke emergencies, a guard’s working schedule is dependent upon his or her availability and how many shifts he or she has had completed in the previous 24 hours. The schedules vary from state to state. Some states allow guard companies to start working the day after the July 4th, while others require guarding businesses to start working the first week after the holiday. When there is a fire or other emergency, security guard work is not only important, it is also a matter of public safety.
When it comes to fire safety, the most common safety measures that a security guard has to carry out includes conducting a 24hour fire watch. This means ensuring that no combustible materials are present, and ensuring that people are evacuated from the area. Guards will also be on the look-out for fires which may be started due to fireworks or other ignitions. When a fire has been spotted, the guard will conduct an evacuation procedure and notify his supervisor so that appropriate action can be taken.