What to know about web and desktop wallets

Knowing the cheapest way to buy bitcoins will be a boost to your cryptocurrency trade. While you are at it, you need a secure storage place for your bitcoins. You can opt for the web wallets or desktop wallets, the choice is yours.

Web wallets
The web wallets will be able to store your private keys on a particular server, which is always online and as such, controlled by a third party. Different features are offered by different service, some which you can easily link to your phone and desktop wallets, replicating your address across all the devices that you have.
Just like mobile wallets, the e-wallets or web wallets will enable you to access your funds while you are on the move as long as a device is connected to the internet. If you don’t protect it properly, the third party might be able to gain entry to your private keys and thus, get control of your funds. There are also some e-wallets that operate on exchanges, and there are times when exchanges are closed and disappearing with funds for the users.
Desktop wallets
They are wallets which are downloaded and then you can install them on your computer, being able to store your private keys on your hard drive. They tend to be more secure as compared to the web wallets and mobile best bitcoin wallet for android because they don’t rely on any third parties for their data and it is hard to steal them.
Though on your computer, but they are still connected to the internet and thus, the security might be compromised at some point. But if you are the type who trades in small bitcoin amounts, then the desktop wallets might the best option for you.
There are a variety of desktop wallets which tend to accommodate various needs with some focusing on security while others focus on anonymity.